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The generosity of people like you helps A Safe Place protect thousands of families and individuals

who come to us, often in the middle of the night, terrified and alone.


Please help us support those in need. 

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The Founding of A Safe Place
The Founding of A Safe Place

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Love always wins
Love always wins

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Before coming to volunteer at A Safe Place, Kathleen Cha had ample experience fighting for good at the regional level. Her professional career led her to become a Public Information Officer for Orange County, the Senior Communications Officer at the Association of Bay Area Governments, and being on the Board of Directors for national organizations. However, when she was recommended to be on A Safe Place’s Board over 8 years ago, Kathleen knew she wanted to “look more in [her] backyard in order to make a commitment to [her] local community.”

Since joining A Safe Place’s Board, Kathleen has committed herself to helping “create infrastructure to make A Safe Place continue to work.” This took the form of helping plan the budget and helping execute multiple projects, such as a series of conferences to educate the public about domestic violence. Over the course of being a volunteer and Board Member, Kathleen has noticed that “the scope of what [she] wanted to do evolved” to not just keep A Safe Place running, but have continual, meaningful outreach to the East Bay Community. This has been an exciting process for Kathleen, since she thoroughly enjoys working with her fellow Board Members to enhance the organization.

In the end, Kathleen stresses that “it is an honor to be a volunteer. Volunteering is a two-way street: it is expected that the volunteer will bring value to A Safe Place, but I have also gained value from volunteering.” Thank you for your hard work, Kathleen!



Our mission at A Safe Place is to decrease domestic violence by providing victims, survivors, and their children with a safe shelter and resources to break the cycle of violence through outreach and education to at-risk populations and diverse communities.




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