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Thank you for your interest in wanting to support A Safe Place.  In general, we do not accept furniture or used clothing items.  Due to limited storage capacity, we accept only items we currently need.
The following items are extremely helpful in allowing us to continue to support victims of domestic violence and their families:


Age appropriate gifts for teens up age 17

Gift cards (Target, Amazon, Walmart, online gaming, etc.)

Ear pods

Gaming gear

Other items as deemed appropriate

Please be advised that we are unable to accept weapons of war such as guns, knives, swords, etc.

Shelter Needs (new and unused):
Twin size blankets

Twin size comforters


Drinking glasses



Bath towels

Twin size sheets

Twin size water-proof mattress pads

Bath mats/rugs

Hygiene Other (new and unused):



Women (new and unused):
Sports bras (all sizes)

Women's pajamas (all sizes)


Gift cards (Walmart, Target & Visa)


Children --Toddler to 17 years old –boys and girls (new and unused):
Slippers (all sizes)

Pajamas (all sizes)

Pampers (all sizes, including pull-ups)

Please consider the following with donating to A Safe Place:
Given that we provide emergency services, we do not know anything about the families until they arrive.  In addition, due to limited storage capacity, all donations must be pre-approved.  We will only accept items we need and items we can give directly to our clients.


Please be advised that unless otherwise stated or requested, we do not accept used toys, linens, furniture or clothing items. 

If you wish to donate items not posted on our website (Holiday giving, adopting a family, etc.), please contact our office before shopping.  To ensure that each family receives sponsorship for the Holidays, we will provide a list of the families in need.  The list will include:  age, gender, clothing size, etc. of each family member.
A Safe Place does not accept toy knives, swords, guns, games/videos promoting violence).  Also, please consider recalls on new any items donated for children.        
Donations via third parties - Please do not accept donations on behalf of A Safe Place without approval.    Donors requesting receipts can contact our business office. 
Once the items you wish to donate have been approved and you’re ready to deliver them, please call our office for an appointment.  Our normal delivery days are Tuesday, 9 am-12 pm and Wednesday, 10a-2pm. 
Due to the confidential nature of the work we provide, it is critical that we schedule donation deliveries to ensure client privacy. We make specific arrangements with our donors during times that do not conflict with our clientele services.A Safe Place serves a vulnerable population and confidentiality is very important. Please work with staff within the time frame, for your donations to be accepted. Donors who do not come during arranged hours will be rescheduled.
Our staff is available to assist you with our process.  

If you have any questions please contact us at (510) 986-8600 or

We thank you again on behalf of our families. 

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